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Who We Are – Chanan Development Association (CDA)

Who We Are

Muhammad Shahzad Khan
Founder & Executive Director

Muhammad Shahzad is a young leader and human rights activist from Pakistan, holds Masters Degree in Political Science. Since his teens, he devoted himself to the empowerment of youth through Chanan Development Association, a national youth-led organization. Shahzad worked with thousands of youth in Pakistan in the fields of democracy, human rights, peace, interfaith harmony, and meaningful youth participation, He has expertise in using theatre, technology, media, peer education and advocacy to mobilize youth and ensure their voices are heard at policy forums.

He served as Consultant for UNDP, UNFPA, Commonwealth, British Council, World Bank, Fair and Free Election Network (FAFEN) and received YouthActionNet Fellowship, UNAoC Youth Solidarity Fund, Cordes Fellowship, & International Award for the Health & Dignity of Women & Girls by friends of UNFPA presented by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in 2012 while in 2015 he was honored with Commonwealth Asia Youth Worker of the Year 2015. He has also received several national awards, including Active Youth Volunteer Award from Department of Youth Affairs, Information & Culture Government of Punjab and Bargad in 2011 and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Democracy Award from Centre of Human Rights Education in 2012.

Sana Sohail
Founder & Director Partnerships

Sana Sohail is a young leader working for the empowerment and rights of young people particularly women and girls of Pakistan. She is a co-founder of Chanan Development Association (CDA). Sana also founded Youth Media Voice Pakistan: an online platform for young people to share media pieces, blogs, and illustrations on social issues.

She is engaging both young men and women through capacity building, peer education, theater, media and advocacy campaigning to promote gender equality, human rights, democracy and peace across the country.